Friday, January 15, 2016

Personally as Seniors most of us feel a nonchalant climate around us due to the fact that we all agree that we just want to graduate. When you spend four years in a school that is transitioning throughout each year you tend to feel lethargic about being here. The climate changes just about every year but this year we all collectively feel ecstatic to move onto things other than being in high school. Although we have had many great opportunities presented to us throughout the years, we are all glad to be moving onto a new chapter in our lives. Even though we're leaving it would be nice to see a few changes at the school. Diversity would be the change that is most desirable since the school's community seems mostly segregated. All the students who take ap classes only reside with other students who take ap classes and vice versa. This leaves the school community as a mostly segregated place since certain people don't feel welcomed in different areas of their own school. Although our school is indeed a very diverse, that doesn't mean that we truly have different diverse groups. The graduation rate has significantly increased and we have been deemed a "gold ribbon school" so for us as students to treat our peers as if they are below us is unforgivable because every cog in the system helps make the clock go round.

Mid-Term Blog

   The year so far has come and gone and with it so have we all gotten older, a little wiser, and are, at this moment, probably pretty sick of finals. For this final blog entry of our first semester your class is responsible for answering the following question:
"How is moral around you? How are you feeling?"
   Please remember that this question must be answered as a representative of your class. Discuss this question among your group to get a really good idea of what the "climate" is like. You must also decide what your frame will be for this question. Is this how your Leadership class feels? Leadership on its whole feels? Your entire class in the entire school? Good luck, make sure it is at least 2 paragraphs minimum and please ask clarifying questions if necessary.
Be honest too, for it makes the blog even better.