Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pretty And Pink

Our first spirit week as the Class of 2019 was a great experience, but it was not our best. I know that the Freshmen class can do way better, and we'll hopefully prove that we can on the next spirit week. It was great seeing the freshmen class participating on our first spirit week of the year.  

Twin Day!!!
       Although we didn't get our De Anza pink shirts in time for the rally, we still participated and wore pink. Unfortunately the Freshmen class didn't place first or second, but it was a good experience to see how De Anza leadership runs spirit week. Even though we didn't win, we still had an amazing time at our first rally.

The day of the El Sobrante stroll (a burning hot day) was a great way to represent our school. Some of the clubs and academies were there. When the stroll started, seeing our community coming together with our friends and family enjoying ourselves in the heat was the best part of the day.

What makes a good leader?

With the video the leadership class saw based on leadership it honestly wasn't surprising. I  Gladis Mendoza personally agree with the concept and the moral of the video. Personally I have never put myself above other why? because what`s the benefit I get absolutely nothing.
Sophomore Class selling at Tailgate

I rather see myself fail and see other succeed. I was raise to be humble and not arrogant because you would get farther in life. How you ask? well to be totally real people would just like you better. As for myself I have succeed and done incredible things but do I show it off to the world no. Why? because it not how I am. For example, would anyone want to hang out with a friend that brags to much. Lets say for myself if I start bragging to everyone that I was the varsity goalkeeper my freshman year and lead my team to 2nd place, or class president, or always that student that gets perfect grades and attendance basically a teachers dream. No I would not be happy if I went around the school bragging. Finally to get to my point why do good leaders put others before themselves? I believe a good leaders does that because everyone deserves a chance in life just like the American Dream. It don't matter where you come from everyone has the chance in life to be someone important. They just give the person who needs it the most that vote of confidences and just another boost to success.

Friday, September 25, 2015

October 1st Due Date - What makes Leaders?

Today we watched a video on Leadership and providing safety. Please respond, as a class to the following prompt by October 1st (Thursday):

  • Do you like this video/ideology? Why?
  • Do you agree?
  • Describe a time in your life, a story, when you felt that you put yourself above others.
  • Why do good leaders put others before them? No, seriously, why? Don;t just say, "because it's right".
These are deep, intense questions. Do not mistake them for simple ideas. Discuss this amongst your classes (Frosh, Soph, Juniors, Seniors and ASB). Really dig deep on the understanding of what it means to be a leader and compose a formal essay (with thesis) to what you think. If you feel a better understanding of leadership afterwards, you're doing it right. Good luck and ask clarifying questions to me. Due  October 1st.

First Rally and Stroll Picture Montage!

Our first rally and El Sobrante Stroll wouldn't be the same without a picture montage set to music!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Purple Monsters

Spirit Week :
Spirit week for us was a huge success! Not only was there a lot of participation in dressing up to the theme, but many were also eager to be apart of the games / events held at lunch. The whole sophomore class, for the most part, was excited for the first spirit days and rally of the year. The turn out was way better than expected and we couldn't be more proud of our class.
Purple Monster at the Rally!

Rally :
Throughout the week, we had to take part in the spirit days by dressing according to the given theme and win games to accumulate points for our class. At the end of the week, these points were totaled and gave us an edge at the rally. We were already in a good spot as a class and us doing well on Friday pushed us to second place. The whole time we were pumped up and kept it live in that gym! It was definitely a great way to start our sophomore year!

Tacos Sales :
With the help of Gladis' family, for the past two home football games we've been selling tacos. They've been a huge hit and have been doing really well! We've been able to make hundreds of dollars in profit and we plan on continuing to do this in the future.
Gladis Mendoza, Soph. Class President leading ROTC at the Stroll.

El Sobrante Stroll :
Part of our leadership class went to the El Sobrante stroll. Many of us were in different clubs and academies representing De Anza and all its diversity.Some of the academies that were there was Health, Law, Tech, and AFJROTC. When the parade started almost all of the community loved the happiness and enthusiasm of De Anza High School. Many sophomores got their first henna from the junior class booth. However, the heat was terrible but luckily we lived through it.


  The "hell week" is finally over and we can all relax! As senior president I was a little worried about how our first spirit week would play out knowing that all of my senior independents are completely new to leadership. Surprisingly all of the independents did exceptionally well and showed me that they are ready to work and dedicate themselves to making De Anza's first spirit week amazing!
Seniors setting up for Rally.
  The Senior float is moving along at a much faster pace than last year and little by little were getting the big things out of the way. Over the summer, I had met with a couple of independents and senior officers to make a schedule from the present all the way to homecoming day. So far we've been slightly ahead of our own schedule which is great! I am extremely proud of the senior team always fully prepared and ready to work. I couldn't ask for a better team!

Strong Effort Out the Gate!

  Well the first spirit week has come and gone and as the Leadership teacher I cannot be prouder of our students. This year we have all the right personnel in the right places and it has been great work in delegation of work from the students. Starting with spirit week events and days in which we had increased participation each day, to much more interactive games (including our best to date, the Disney sing-a-long in the quad) and culminating with the Rally. While the rally still has a few kinks to work out, namely creating stronger games that more people can interact with and see, the school spirit was definitely felt throughout the building. The Leadership class even purchased ear plugs for those teachers and parents who may have felt the rally too loud.
Disney Sing-a-Long

  Mr. Gill's Video Production class as usual stole the show by having a live feed camera where students could see themselves on the big screen. Even at one point, during the National Anthem, there was a picture in a picture of the singer (Marleena Sonico) and the American Flag on the screen at the same time. The "Mean Tweets" video that Leadership did (Youtube Link here) went over well with the crowd and students. Even our alumni saw the videos from the rally and were enjoying watching them, even from the East Coast!
The Purple Monster Soph. Class!

  On Sunday we had the El Sobrante Stroll which from what I remember, was hotter than ever (almost 100 degrees that day!) but also jam-packed with people from all over. Local De Anza High School typically receives the most recognition at these community events and this was no different. ASB, Senior Class, Graffitti Club, all 4 Academies from our school and even PTSA showed up to create booths and have raffles to let our community know who we are. The King and Queen of the Stroll (Isaiah Woosley and Gabriela Welten) also represented De Anza and rode in a classic car down main street in El Sobrante. Overall an exhausting but productive first week for Leadership.
King and Queen of the Stroll

  Oh and how could I forget! Football won another home game on Friday leading their current record to 3-1 while they head in to play their upcoming rivals of Jon Swett, Kennedy and Richmond High School. Good luck and as always, Proud to be a Don!
DA Representing at the Stroll!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kickin' it off Strong!

This week of September 14th to September 20th has quickly proven to be the first of our major "hell weeks". It's been a stressful week filled with spirit days, rallies, tailgating, some float meetings on the side, and the annual El Sobrante Stroll to top off this wonderful anxiety packed week. Weeks like this can be degrading, but are totally necessary in keeping this leadership class aware and on their feet!

The week kicked off with our first spirit week of the year:

-Monday: Sports Day
-Tuesday: Twin Day
-Wednesday: Walt Disney Day
-Thursday: Black Out Day
-Friday: Class Colors

Monday had shown that it was obvious that class rivalry was stronger than ever this year. The junior class came out swinging  on the first day and clutching onto an early first place. As the week progressed, however, DA's senior class made a fantastic comeback by snatching away first place from the juniors. The juniors had dragged down to third place with an unlikely class proceeding them-- the sophomores! 

Rally Day decided the final victors through various games and yell competitions. First place went to an extremely hyped up senior class with the Class of 2018 following right behind by only three points. The junior class struggled to get back up to the mountain top and instead sat stagnant in third place. Although only freshmen, the freshmen class surprised everyone with their energy and rising school spirit.

AFJROTC making us all proud in their dress blues
After a day of some much needed rest, De Anza Leadership got together one more time for the annual El Sobrante Stroll. Whether at information booths or parading, every leadership student was busy  and played an instrumental role in representing De Anza High.

It was a tough and tiring week for all of us, but like always, we pulled through and we'd be more than happy to do it all over again.

The football team strolling through after a well deserved victory on Friday night

The Green Machine

This week, as the Class of 2017 prepared for the first Spirit Week of the year, we made sure to continue our goal to keep our class involved and aware of what's happening. Using our @dahsco2017 Instagram page and Remind101 service, we provided updates regarding float, spirit days, and more.

The Juniors took the first Spirit Day at 1st place, with us coming out on top because of how many people dressed up with their sports gear. Unfortunately we couldn't keep our rightful spot for the rest of the week. We won't let that get in the way of getting first place next Spirit Week, though!

Even if we didn't win first place, the Junior class was still able to have a blast at the rally. Leadership decorated our class' corner at the rally and had lots of fun doing so. Meanwhile, the rest of the class was also able to be a part of the fun once the rally started. Featuring games, a hilarious "Mean Tweets" video, and more, everyone had a good time this Friday.
Go Dons!
This Sunday, the Junior Class made an appearance at the annual El Sobrante Stroll, where we marched alongside our school and represented the Class of 2017. The Leadership team met up in front of Walgreens at about 10am to prepare for the stroll. Our Juniors walked in the parade for about 40 minutes with our poster (designed by the Graffiti master Josue Mendizabal) and took lots of pictures. It was a fun experience to be representing our wonderful class.

At the El Sobrante Stroll!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Instructions for Sept 21st Due Date

      Each class will be responsible for a blog entry by the morning of September 21st. This will include a few major events but feel free to put in what you want. They must at least include:

  • Spirit Week
  • Rally
  • Tailgate
  • El Sobrante Stroll
     I am looking for a few pictures and a well written response to the prompt, "What our classes did this week". It is simply a documentation of events that occurred. Please make sure to proof read your responses as we do not want to have typos. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Welcome to Leadership!

Welcome De Anza Leadership to another great year of serving our community. This is my 3rd year of working with leadership and helping to improve our school and I am excited to bring in one of our strongest classes to date. We are looking to get out more into the area as well as improving the safety and interaction of students on campus.

The philosophy of leadership stems from the idea of becoming part of something bigger than yourself. This means working with others, even those who may be difficult, and completing tasks that once seemed impossible, yet now are attainable. A good leader puts others before themselves and know that true maturity and strength is not demanded, but given. Officers in leadership work to do the "behind the scenes" items that most never see but feel when they are not there. We run the rallies, team up with administration, promote dances, organize clubs and most other events that surround De Anza student life and culture.

This blog will be a documentation that will show the hard work that our students have put in. They will have pictures and include class updates that will be put up on a weekly basis. Feel free to contact the Leadership Teacher at (jhillyer@wccusd.net).

Instructions are:
1. Each class is responsible for a post each week. Sometimes if weeks are busy, classes will be required to post what they did that week. If it is not a busy week, Mr. Hillyer will post questions, ideas or musings that students will have to respond to in Blog Format.
2. Classes must have their posts in by 8am each Monday. Questions and prompts will be posted at least one week in advance.
3. We highly encourage classes to read each others blogs and comment on them.
4. All students are to be included in the blog over the year, whether as the author or as a contributor.
5. We do not tolerate anything that could be construed as harmful, disrespectful behavior on this forum.
6. Have fun and reflect on an unforgettable year!

Mr. Hillyer