Monday, January 16, 2017

So Glad its Over

      Throughout my high school experience I have always been told that Senior Year was the easiest. The last time experiencing high school events and making memories; that is what Senior Year was supposed to be. No one bothered to mention the stress of college apps. I never thought it would be so difficult to talk about myself but trying to make myself sound like a top pick in no more than 350 words was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do.
      College Applications are a whole 'nother level of stress. Just knowing that these applications and essays play a large factor to where you will spend the next four years of your life is truly frightening. The worst part is that not only are you trying to focus on these essays but at the same time you have to try to balance schoolwork. For the first time in my whole high school experience, first quarter was hard as I found myself trying to find the balance between extracurricular activities,college apps, and school work and this was quite difficult.
     I know everyone says this but the best advice I could give is DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. For UC Applications the essay prompts release in August and the best thing I would suggest you do is start as soon as they come out. Do not be the person who barely starts two weeks before the applications are due (this was me). You will hate your life when everyone else is done and submitted and you are barely on your second prompt. Another handy tip would be to build a relationship with your teachers. Teachers offer so much support through this process. Not only will they support you but by building a relationship, when time comes you will have a great source for a college recommendation letter because you will be receiving it from a person who truly knows you. You will have a genuine letter rather than a generic "they are a hard worker." My last and final tip would be to take advantage of the college and career center. I can honestly say that without Ms. Jessica I would not have been able to finish these applications. She supported me throughout the whole process by checking for errors not only on my application but on my essays and I am truly grateful for all her help.
     Honestly just write what you know. This is the perfect time to reflect and finally brag about the hard work you have put in. Although this can be a very long and tedious process, do not forget to enjoy! This is your last year so do not forget to make the best out of it.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

How to Reach Out to Lil, Tiny Freshies

         Truthfully, it is very difficult to reach out my fellow freshmen, especially if they don't know about our school resources. I've tried things such as social media and posters but not all of the freshmen use those to get information, so that rises the question, how do I effectively inform freshmen of our school resources and events?
          As a freshman entering an entirely different environment, it took me awhile to figure out the school and as i was going through that process, I finally realized every other freshman was going through the same thing. I grasped that maybe it wasn't on the top of everyones' list to reach out to their Pres. and leadership class and they may not understand leaderships role in the school so as the year started, even now, I tell my classmates about everything. I inform them of events and anything they can participate.
          In the future I hope my class can listen to their leadership and be a helping hand we can count on. I also hope out efforts of giving them information will succeed and actually provide them the resources they need. If all these acts are successful, I see a very bright future for my class because, as you know, we are the best class ever! Gooo co/ 2020!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

MC Karii blog 1

           My first time MC'ing was my sophomore year when i had to fill in for joseph while he was marching in the parade at the Home coming Rally. I was very nervous and i didnt know what to do but i just went with the flow and was able too give my school a good, smooth flowing Rally which they said was my best one. From then on out ive wanted to be the Mc of the rest of my school Rally's.
This is my third year in leadership and now i am one of the permanent MC hosting the school rally's alongside with Maddie. One of the challenges ive faced this year and proud that i have faced is being able to host these rally's while making everyone feel welcomed and making sure that they are having the best time that i can offer. I feel as if its important to be able to entertain while interacting with the crowd, rather than just reading the schedule, and thats just what ive done. I did this by beginning to joke, hype and make the crowd have a good time. 
                 Another challenge that i had to face this year is being able to a share one mic with my co-MC. Especially when we're from both different classes, which means we'll be chearing on our classes. Me and maddie found a way to compromise and be able to share this mic with equal amount of mic time. We take turns cheering on our classes while also hyping the lower class men so they can get loud and excited  ( which they already always are). Me and maddie from now on will be making the De Anza High school rally's LITTTTTTT!!!


I haven't been in leadership for a very long time but I would like for the junior class to have a successful senior year. No one wants their senior year with little activities. I`m glad that the Junior class has been fundraising since the start. We should continue fundraising and try to raise as much as we can. We should come up with new ideas to fundraise.

A school goal I have is to have a good GPA for the 2nd semester. Hopefully I get the chance to do my SAT this year. I would also like to visit a few colleges this year so I could get a feel of what campus I'm interested in. Also  I would like to play baseball this spring.

I would like to go to more school events this year since I haven't made many. I'm very excited to be a senior next year. However I don't wanna rush the rest of my high school experience. I'm gonna enjoy every second of it and being in leadership has made it fun.

Blog #2 - The Future

Its 2017! Isn't that crazy? One more year, and class of 2018 will be outta here! But before we leave, we have to leave a nice reputation. My class and I have many goals set for the next year and we are excited for the near future. But before we do that, we do have to change some things...

As a school overall, we're amazing. There's some things we can fix, but that's about it. During spirit week, we need to show some spirit and participate in activities that Leadership puts up. Also our reputation, has to stay how it is! That, in my opinion, is the main goal. Having a brand new school is a blessing so our students need to continue to keep the school clean and beautiful. 

My class and I have talked about many cool and fun things we can do during our senior year, but first we do need to fund raise to gain money to support those activities. As a class and as a school we do need to talk more different ways to fund raise.  Everything is top secret though so I'm not going to say too much...

Future Upcoming Quarter

Reflecting on Quarter 2, I would simply say it's been chill. Not too much was going on aside from doing work within our committees, but events like rallies or dances weren't something to stress so much about this quarter.

When speaking of the future and all that may happen next quarter, I see the leadership becoming more productive and busy with more events to prepare for. Also, for the junior class in particular, I think that we'll start selling food more and working as a group more often, compared to this quarter. A goal for the future would have to be to get my life together......Wait this isn't my journal; a goal for the future, when speaking of the leadership class, is to have well organized and more exciting rallies. Just well organized and more exciting things for all events actually, not solely rallies.

Although we will be more busy for Quarter 3, I believe that we will still be composed and everything will work out in the end. The future after Quarter 3 is something to be prepared for as well with the many events coming along with it, but if we start off the next quarter with a solid foundation, things will run smoothly when the time will come.

blog #2

As we move into the new year I just mostly want us juniors to enjoy our penultimate year in high school. Some goals I would like for us to reach is to become closer as a junior family. So when our senior year approaches it'll be nothing but memories with people who are like family to us. I would like us to do more activities with our junior peers so everyone can feel as one.

Another goal I would like for our junior class is to fund-raise like  crazy. Reason why is so when our senior year comes we won't have any money problems when it comes to activities that we would like to do to make our senior year the best. Also  we should  plan for our activities earlier in advanceso we won't give false hopes for any activities.

My goals for us is to just prepare for  future things and be together as one and to make the best memories that we can through high school!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Just Wanna Graduate Already..

College Apps can either make or break your senior year. DON'T PROCRASTINATE!

It's really something that a lot of students really under estimate when they go into their senior year. Looking back, I honestly regret some of the course and extra curricular decisions I decided to make because all of that really just overloaded me and had me spread out to thin, almost to the point where I was doing everything at the very last minute. For you upcoming seniors- keep in mind that college apps are more than what people underestimate them to be! Organize your course load wisely and be smart about what extra curricular things you wanna do or continue during your senior year. If you're the over achieving, time managing, scholar that you are, feel free to go for the stars! Otherwise, be mindful of the classes and activities you choose.

Out of all the college application processes that I went through, I'd say that the service academy application was the most stressful and is the most stressful of all college applications. It's a butt ton of running around (literally and figuratively) and getting things done. Not only will the academies assess your academic perspective but they also seek to assess your leadership and personal profile. I had to go through a whole lot of interviews that focused on parts of my character and my leadership experiences. The Air Force Academy also took a look at my medical qualifications as I had to undergo the DoDMERB (Department of Defense Medical Review Board) physical where they had me do a number of weird exercises to see if I had any issues physically. Aside from that, I was also required to send an unbelievable amount of paperwork that made myself more transparent to the admissions board (shout out out to all the teachers who did my student evals). And aside from all the things the Air Force Academy needed, I also had to apply for my congressional nomination as well. In order to even be eligible for an appointment to a service academy, each candidate must have a nomination from a congressman or senator, or if qualified, the president and vice president of the United States. In a sense, I basically had to do two applications, one to the Air Force Academy itself and to the office of Mark DeSaulnier to request a nomination. The nomination process itself was fairly easy; all that they required were SAT scores, an essay, three letters of rec, academic transcript, and a resume of extracurricular activities. The final thing I had to do was my interview with DeSaulnier's office, and finally, thank God, it's all over! So if anyone of y'all are dedicating yourselves to applying to a service academy, brace yourselves for a load of "fun" for the academy admissions process!

Looking back, please (to you upcoming seniors) start thinking about your personal statements already and start to reflect on the activities that have built you up to the wonderful student you are now! I'd suggest maybe build a resume with a whole list of the things you've done and you're accomplishments in whatever you've devoted yourself in. Colleges ask for these things and a resume makes things soooooooo much bearable. 

Good luck next year class of 2018! You'll need it..

With all the juggling I had to do this year, and all the sleepless nights, a high school diploma sounds really delicious right now.. 

College Applications

Now that college applications are over, senior year has felt a little less stressful. Many thoughts and emotions were happening throughout the process, such as will I turn it in on time? will I even get accepted to this college? or are my personal insight questions good enough? Applying to colleges was an easy process for me. I had my college adviser Ms. Jessica help me when I was filling out my application which made it easy, otherwise without her I would be lost on what to do. I recommend for future students applying to college to most definitely ask questions and have someone like a college advisor to review their application(s) to make sure they filled out everything correctly.

The day I submitted was the day it was due. I was really stressed about whether or not I was going to submit on time. At the end I submitted on time and I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. If you want to avoid that stress, I recommend that you submit before the actual due date. One thing I wish I would have done was started my applications during the Summer. During the Summer, I did start my personal insight questions but I didn't work on them much. That caused me to work on them while going to school which was overwhelming because I had that and school work. Once finished with your personal insight questions you should have at least three people review them before submitting them so that they can be at their full potential.

Filling out college applications can be long and tedious but at the end it'll be worth it. One thing I learned throughout the process is how much I've been successful throughout school and how involved I am in my community. It made me feel good to know this. For any Juniors and under class men I recommend that you always put your best effort in to school work and to be involved within your community. I wish anyone who has applied and will apply in the future good luck! :-)

Need help with college apps? Go to the college center!!

    When  people say that Senior year will be easy, they are lying! One thing that is for sure is that college applications will be stressful. However,  I will give you some tips on how to make your life easier during what I like to call "college app season."

    Let's start off even before senior year. I recommend to start looking for extracurricular activities from the beginning of High School. Just like everything in life, you need to find a balance. So, don't sign up to every single club and program because you think it'll look good on a college application. Make sure to find clubs that you are interested in and genuinely think you will commit to. Also, don't start signing up to clubs your last year of high school, when you finally realize you never got involved in school. It is important to find things you are interested in, but don't stress yourself out and be involved in too many things.

    Now, I was luckily enough to be apart of two programs that helped me out so much throughout high school and college app season. The first program I found was EAOP. This program gave me the opportunity to take SAT prep classes for free at UC Berkeley! So it is very important to look for resources at school. I promise they are there. The second program I found was Summer Search, where I had mentor who helped me with my academic and personal problems. I also got my personal college advisor that guided me through the college process. I found both of these programs at De Anza and I am very grateful that I did. We are also very lucky because we have our college center where Ms. Jessica dedicates time to teaching you how to apply and is available to answer many questions. She also helped me save a ton of money with fee waivers for the SAT and college application fees. So go ask for help!! I can't stress this enough.

    Like I mentioned, yes, college applications will be stressful, whether you started 4 months in advance or 4 days before the deadline. Which you should really not start the application the week of, or else you will be extremely stressed out. Personally, I started writing my insight questions for my UC apps in August when the questions were first released. My essays were very rough and over the word limit but that is okay. Starting early gives you so much time to perfect your essays and shorten it to get straight to the point. However,  don't forget about the application itself. I was so focused on the essays that I didn't realize how long and time consuming the application is. Finish 1 or 2 sections per day! CSU's are fairly easy to fill out and once you fill out one, all the information transfers to the other schools you are applying to. So make sure to submit to one school first and don't start multiple applications at once.

Finally, the most important tip I can give you, is to take care of yourself. You will get through this process and you will be happy with where you decided to apply and how your essays turned out. Don't ever doubt your worth and it doesn't hurt to apply to competitive schools. You can do it! I did it and I'm still alive, barely... but alive!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Done with college apps, stress free.... SIKE.

       Do you remember all the quotes you heard when you were freshmen, sophomore or junior? Those quotes when they said "it only gets easier as you get older" I don't really think those were true. It gets harder as you get older, and the classes that you need to take are a challenge, but the classes aren't impossible.

       As your senior comes closer and closer every year, you should start to think about what colleges you want to apply to. It's something that takes a lot of thinking but you will know your top colleges that you want to apply to. A good key point to keep in mind if you're still young is to document all the extracurricular activities that you do during school, after, or even before. That way when your senior year is here, you have something to look back at and have a reference to any activities, sports, clubs, or volunteer service that you have done. a good way to keep track of it is starting it on a google document, then write the date of the activity, the name, and where it took place. Then when you start your college applications, you can just glance over the document to see what you have done over the past couple of years.

       As supposed to your classes, a good key point to keep in mind that although the classes may seem impossible, they truly aren't, all it is is just a challenge. The only way you can pass that class is through doing your work and studying for an upcoming test. Pace yourself as well, with all your classes. If you have homework one night, just finish it up. Instead of spending that wasted hour looking through people's snapchat stories, take that time to incorporate it into your homework. It's no hassle and your grade will be at higher percentage, so why wait until the end when the quarter is almost over?


Image result for what i learned in boating school is
Going into senior year doing college applications is something you should expect and prepare yourself to do. It is something that can seem very daunting and overwhelming for something that is actually quite simple. The only thing that complicates it is yourself, knowing that what you put on these applications can determine what you do for the rest of your life. The best way to cope with this pressure is to be as self-assured as possible in managing your time, knowing what you're going to write about, and being open to letting others help you.
Doing college applications isn't always as hard as people make it seem. Yes, it's a big deal because it's a big part in determining your future but it's simply just talking about yourself and what you've done. No one knows you better than you know yourself. However, if you dig deep enough its all there, all the information you will need to complete you application because it's no more than just talking about yourself.
The main piece of advice I would give to anyone in the college application process is to be confident in themselves and what they've done. If you believe in yourself in what you say in you applications not only does that boost your own self esteem but I'm sure that it reflects in your writing as well. You have to be proud of what you've done because, so far, everything for us high schoolers has been leading up to this moment in our lives. We should all be excited and proud more than anything.

Future goals

                      Having one year in leadership has caused me to gain many goals for myself ,and my class. One of the goals I have for my class would be for everyone to be more comfortable during rallies, so we have a chance of winning some! Leadership is known for dealing with homecoming and float, who wouldn't be after pouring so much time and dedication into the two. With such dedication the result is always grand! Float causes each class to gain new memories ,and laughs. Plus the final product is usually a beauty. Joining leadership will always come with a ton of responsibility, and eventually you come to love the responsibility you own.

                     Another goals for all my fellow sophomores in leadership, is for us all to become pros at fundraising. It is a dream for us to have a lot of money so we can have unlimited opportunities when we're seniors. Dreams such as: a beautiful prom venue, nice rally supplies, a successful Grad night, etc. Plus, when becoming an expert at fundraising a lot of more leadership things become easier. Also, for us to become liked for selling good food whenever first Fridays happening.

                        For the rest of this year, I hope everybody at De Anza gets to accomplish their own goals, no matter how big or small they are. Also to enjoy the new year, make good memories, and over all have lots fun.

College Apps 101 With Hennah

College apps! In all honesty, everything about college apps is stressful. I did not know where to apply, where to start on the application and if I would be able to finish.

I was literally deciding where to apply one week before the CSU and UC deadline. But hey, I finished, and so will you!

I applied to a total of 13 schools so I would like to think I have some tricks up my sleeve about applying.

1. Write your essays from the heart.

I know it seems like you need to have perfectly crafted essays for your college apps that make you seem like you're Albert Einstein. But college essays are all about showing who you are, what makes you you and what you've done these past 4 years. Be genuine, its alright if you go over the word count and have fun with it. I personally always went over the word count and when I tried to reduce it didn't sound good anymore. My suggestion is write your heart out, almost as if you were telling a story to a friend and then have a college adviser read it. It may sound crazy for me to say that you should have fun but if you're writing about something you truly care about - you should enjoy writing about it. If you don't know how to elaborate on something, you're probably forcing it.  Don't. Try writing about something else, even if it seems hard at first. Ask someone you know or a college adviser for advice.

2. Prioritize your happiness.

Ever since my freshmen year, I was told the formula for success was doing lots of extracurricular activities, getting high SAT scores and straight A's. I tried my best to follow these instructions. I overwhelmed myself with activities, AP classes and stress. Your happiness and insanity is SO important. Do not ever do something "because it looks good on a college app". I did that for the past 3 years and I have found that if you do something for the sake of doing it, it is not going to help you much in the long run. If you do not care about something, there is no way you're going to be able to write about it in an college essay. There is also a limited amount of activities you can include in a college app. So do things for you, no one else. You should definitely push yourself and try new things but do not do them so colleges like you. If you are a hard worker and want to success, any college would be lucky to have you. If a college does not want you, its their loss.

3. Don't struggle alone.

College advisers will change your life! I personally got a lot of help from Ms. Jessica and my Summer Search counselor, Joni. Joni pushed me to apply to more schools. I was not even going to apply out of state. But Joni convinced me to push myself and apply to Ivies and liberal arts schools. Begin talking to a college adviser as soon as you can, the sooner the better. Often, they will see potential in you that you may not see. They are also more experienced in the process and the sense of security they provide is priceless. Put in effort to reach out to them and they will put in effort into helping you succeed.

4. Start early. 

Practically anyone you talk to about college apps will tell you that you need to start the summer of your junior year in order to finish. It is really helpful to start early. I personally started pretty late and although I was able to finish, I wish I gave myself more time. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. There will be times where you have to decide between studying for a test or working on your college apps. It is bound to happen, so make the decision you think is best for you. I personally wish I prioritized college apps over my schoolwork at times but you live and you learn. I also suggest being done with your SAT junior year. I finished my SAT December of my senior year. WORST DECISION EVER. I had no time to study and it was way too stressful to worry about on top of college apps. So don't be like Hennah and get the SAT over with.

5. Breathe.

You'll be done soon. Remember to still enjoy your senior year and spent time with your friends because after this, who knows where you will all be. I believe in you.

Hope this helps, at least a little.

Second Phase

          The first quarter of leadership was really fun. We had many exciting events that came up that was very successful. I loved helping with the dances and spirit days. I felt so much joy that we were making students happy with our events. Everything we planned in quarter one was it hit and we were really happy about that.
          As quarter two started, teachers started giving more and more work and classes started getting hectic. Throughout my freshman and sophomore year upperclassmen always told me that junior year was the hardest. I have mostly AP and honors class so as a junior I can personally say that that is not true. Junior year is not "hard" is it just a lot of work. I have had a 4.2 all year  and that is due to being present to school for the most part and trying your best no matter how difficult your classes are. Leadership didn't have much events in quarter 2 so we took the time to plan things early while making sure we have all of our grades together.
           Quarter 2 with leadership has been fun as always. We have many things in store for the rest of the school year. One goal that I have for leadership is that we keep building and getting better as a team. I hope we continue to make students happy and meet their wants and needs.

Monday, January 9, 2017


Being president in my opinion is not easy because, you can`t just think in the moment. I personally like to take risks when I know that it will make the junior class finish strong. Fundraising for example, you can`t fundraise on bad days because it will jeopardize your profit. Also you can`t sell the same thing twice because people will get bored. You need to bring new ideas and advertise it at all times.

My goal for the junior class personally is to raise $10,000. So far we are half way there and its just half of the school year too. Lately we haven`t been fundraising so far due to sports, finals, and weather. However, I`m just waiting for everything to cool off and we will start again. The goal won`t come to us, we have to approach it.

I haven't thought about what it would be like after we reach our goal or not. All I do know is that our Senior year will be filled with fun events/trip because, when you have the money its a little harder for others to say no. I just wanna make sure that our class can reduce the No ideas, because there`s no budget or to much paper work. I`m tired of adults cutting off students goals or dreams. It time to make a difference!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

class goals

     Leadership has been productive and successful in hosting many events and promoting school spirit, and I'm happy to say there isn't anything major I would like to change. My goals for the Leadership class of 2016-17 are to branch out to the rest of De Anza more, and to fundraise more often.  I think it'd be great for other students to feel more connected, and to feel encouraged and comfortable communicating their ideas and concerns to us, so that we can actually make positive changes.

      I think fundraising more often would be wonderful; the funds would be great for helping charities and community programs, amping up rallies, and boosting material budgets for next year's floats.
A personal goal of mine in Leadership would be to get to know students outside of the freshmen class.  Socializing isn't a forte of mine, and I'd definitely like to work on that.

      I'm excited to see the progress our class makes during the new year; it'll be interesting to look back on everything we've accomplished at the end of the school year!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Chapter 2

               I have always heard the beginning of the year is the most stressful and busy time of the year. I rarely heard about anything after that. I didn't know what to expect, I wasn't nervous or worried, I was just relieved that the "stressful" time was over. 
               December was rolling around with all the best stuff : my best friend's birthday, my birthday, Tsunami Christmas, soccer season, leadership breakfast, the winter break, Christmas, and a new year. I was as happy as could be, ended quarter 1 with a 4.1 GPA and I felt pretty good. However, school started to really hit hard, especially with sports coming into play. I tried to do my work on time and to come to school but it felt like everything was working against me. The zeros and absences started to roll in. And instead of reaching out to my teachers I just allowed to let everything pile up. 
               To be honest Leadership does make it seem like junior year is all fun and games because you're behind the planning. I am in charge of the first boat cruise happening in years and I was so optimistic until everything was conflicting and I started to get discouraged. I shouldn't have let it get all jumbled up like this but thankfully I was saved. 
               Slowly but surely I pulled myself out this mess. I strategically placed everything in corresponding times. Junior year isn't too hard, you'll hit bumps in the road but don't keep speeding over them, slow down and learn. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

second year.

    This year has been great. Begin my second year in leadership is way better than my first year. my class has been doing great, we have been a lot organize with planning and we also have been doing a lot of fundraising. Even though my class has been doing great I still have some goals for my class. A lot of sophomores are not involved in De anza actives my goal for my class is to get involved. My other goals for next year are to get know everyone in our leadership class.
   Our leadership class this year has been really organize with planning. Every time we have a class discussion everyone is involved and is really positive about someone's idea. My goal for our leadership class is to stay organize. One goal that I really want my sophomore class to accomplish next year is to win a spirit week or participate more in spirit weeks.
  I have high hope for my leadership class s the years progress. I am certain that my class and I will continue to grow and succeed and manage to make this year great.


 Leadership has been an amazing experience so far this year from the welcome back rally to the homecoming parade there are always activities and events to keep you busy. To start the year off we had the welcome back rally and dance ,the dance was very successful and fun for all students attending including myself. I didn't think that I was going to be able to go to the Homecoming dance, but I made it last minute.

I was glad that the junior class won first place on the float. I felt good to be apart of a big project with great people. I remember the long days we had since the beginning of the summer with folding napkins. In my opinion that was one of the things I was good at and carrying heavy boxes. Im very thankful to be apart of the leadership team. 

My First Beginning

               I have always loved the beginning of the school year. Everything was happening: new classes, perfect weather, football games, homecoming game, homecoming rally, and the homecoming game. This year I was Vice President of the junior class and I was actually a part of the fantastic process.
               It was stressful because of the weekly fundraising, recruiting people for float, actually building the float, and the pressure of the competition. On top of that I still wanted to go to football games and support my friends at their volleyball games. I basically still wanted a social life.
              I signed up for the homecoming committee because I'm always interested in helping others out and making other people's dreams happen. I try my best to please the student body as whole but my Leadership teacher said something early on this school year that will stick with me as a daily reminder, "You can't please everyone." Of course I already knew that but having someone remind me in that exact moment took a lot of weight off my shoulders.
               This was a stressful beginning but it was totally worth it; the junior class came out with the  first place float! And even better memories! Now, onto the next chapter of the year...

Monday, January 2, 2017

Class Goals

Being new to leadership, I was not entirely sure what to expect. I had to make quite a few adjustments, but it has definitely been worth it. Seeing both myself as well as my leadership team grow and excel has been so rewarding. We have accomplished so much as a class and I am honestly incredibly proud. This year has been quite organized and we have been fundraising a lot.

 A goal that I have for my class is to fundraise even more than we already have been in order to have a fantastic senior year, and seeing all of the positive attitudes from my leadership team, I have no doubt that this is a goal we will surely accomplish. In addition, I would really like to see my class become more involved in school overall, including participating during spirit weeks.

Already having accomplished so much, I have high hopes for our class as the years progress. I am certain that my class and I will continue to grow and succeed and manage to make our senior year a memorable one.