Monday, January 2, 2017

Class Goals

Being new to leadership, I was not entirely sure what to expect. I had to make quite a few adjustments, but it has definitely been worth it. Seeing both myself as well as my leadership team grow and excel has been so rewarding. We have accomplished so much as a class and I am honestly incredibly proud. This year has been quite organized and we have been fundraising a lot.

 A goal that I have for my class is to fundraise even more than we already have been in order to have a fantastic senior year, and seeing all of the positive attitudes from my leadership team, I have no doubt that this is a goal we will surely accomplish. In addition, I would really like to see my class become more involved in school overall, including participating during spirit weeks.

Already having accomplished so much, I have high hopes for our class as the years progress. I am certain that my class and I will continue to grow and succeed and manage to make our senior year a memorable one.

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