Thursday, January 12, 2017

MC Karii blog 1

           My first time MC'ing was my sophomore year when i had to fill in for joseph while he was marching in the parade at the Home coming Rally. I was very nervous and i didnt know what to do but i just went with the flow and was able too give my school a good, smooth flowing Rally which they said was my best one. From then on out ive wanted to be the Mc of the rest of my school Rally's.
This is my third year in leadership and now i am one of the permanent MC hosting the school rally's alongside with Maddie. One of the challenges ive faced this year and proud that i have faced is being able to host these rally's while making everyone feel welcomed and making sure that they are having the best time that i can offer. I feel as if its important to be able to entertain while interacting with the crowd, rather than just reading the schedule, and thats just what ive done. I did this by beginning to joke, hype and make the crowd have a good time. 
                 Another challenge that i had to face this year is being able to a share one mic with my co-MC. Especially when we're from both different classes, which means we'll be chearing on our classes. Me and maddie found a way to compromise and be able to share this mic with equal amount of mic time. We take turns cheering on our classes while also hyping the lower class men so they can get loud and excited  ( which they already always are). Me and maddie from now on will be making the De Anza High school rally's LITTTTTTT!!!

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