Thursday, January 12, 2017

Blog #2 - The Future

Its 2017! Isn't that crazy? One more year, and class of 2018 will be outta here! But before we leave, we have to leave a nice reputation. My class and I have many goals set for the next year and we are excited for the near future. But before we do that, we do have to change some things...

As a school overall, we're amazing. There's some things we can fix, but that's about it. During spirit week, we need to show some spirit and participate in activities that Leadership puts up. Also our reputation, has to stay how it is! That, in my opinion, is the main goal. Having a brand new school is a blessing so our students need to continue to keep the school clean and beautiful. 

My class and I have talked about many cool and fun things we can do during our senior year, but first we do need to fund raise to gain money to support those activities. As a class and as a school we do need to talk more different ways to fund raise.  Everything is top secret though so I'm not going to say too much...

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