Saturday, January 7, 2017

class goals

     Leadership has been productive and successful in hosting many events and promoting school spirit, and I'm happy to say there isn't anything major I would like to change. My goals for the Leadership class of 2016-17 are to branch out to the rest of De Anza more, and to fundraise more often.  I think it'd be great for other students to feel more connected, and to feel encouraged and comfortable communicating their ideas and concerns to us, so that we can actually make positive changes.

      I think fundraising more often would be wonderful; the funds would be great for helping charities and community programs, amping up rallies, and boosting material budgets for next year's floats.
A personal goal of mine in Leadership would be to get to know students outside of the freshmen class.  Socializing isn't a forte of mine, and I'd definitely like to work on that.

      I'm excited to see the progress our class makes during the new year; it'll be interesting to look back on everything we've accomplished at the end of the school year!

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