Wednesday, January 11, 2017

College Applications

Now that college applications are over, senior year has felt a little less stressful. Many thoughts and emotions were happening throughout the process, such as will I turn it in on time? will I even get accepted to this college? or are my personal insight questions good enough? Applying to colleges was an easy process for me. I had my college adviser Ms. Jessica help me when I was filling out my application which made it easy, otherwise without her I would be lost on what to do. I recommend for future students applying to college to most definitely ask questions and have someone like a college advisor to review their application(s) to make sure they filled out everything correctly.

The day I submitted was the day it was due. I was really stressed about whether or not I was going to submit on time. At the end I submitted on time and I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. If you want to avoid that stress, I recommend that you submit before the actual due date. One thing I wish I would have done was started my applications during the Summer. During the Summer, I did start my personal insight questions but I didn't work on them much. That caused me to work on them while going to school which was overwhelming because I had that and school work. Once finished with your personal insight questions you should have at least three people review them before submitting them so that they can be at their full potential.

Filling out college applications can be long and tedious but at the end it'll be worth it. One thing I learned throughout the process is how much I've been successful throughout school and how involved I am in my community. It made me feel good to know this. For any Juniors and under class men I recommend that you always put your best effort in to school work and to be involved within your community. I wish anyone who has applied and will apply in the future good luck! :-)

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