Saturday, January 14, 2017

How to Reach Out to Lil, Tiny Freshies

         Truthfully, it is very difficult to reach out my fellow freshmen, especially if they don't know about our school resources. I've tried things such as social media and posters but not all of the freshmen use those to get information, so that rises the question, how do I effectively inform freshmen of our school resources and events?
          As a freshman entering an entirely different environment, it took me awhile to figure out the school and as i was going through that process, I finally realized every other freshman was going through the same thing. I grasped that maybe it wasn't on the top of everyones' list to reach out to their Pres. and leadership class and they may not understand leaderships role in the school so as the year started, even now, I tell my classmates about everything. I inform them of events and anything they can participate.
          In the future I hope my class can listen to their leadership and be a helping hand we can count on. I also hope out efforts of giving them information will succeed and actually provide them the resources they need. If all these acts are successful, I see a very bright future for my class because, as you know, we are the best class ever! Gooo co/ 2020!!!

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