Thursday, January 5, 2017

My First Beginning

               I have always loved the beginning of the school year. Everything was happening: new classes, perfect weather, football games, homecoming game, homecoming rally, and the homecoming game. This year I was Vice President of the junior class and I was actually a part of the fantastic process.
               It was stressful because of the weekly fundraising, recruiting people for float, actually building the float, and the pressure of the competition. On top of that I still wanted to go to football games and support my friends at their volleyball games. I basically still wanted a social life.
              I signed up for the homecoming committee because I'm always interested in helping others out and making other people's dreams happen. I try my best to please the student body as whole but my Leadership teacher said something early on this school year that will stick with me as a daily reminder, "You can't please everyone." Of course I already knew that but having someone remind me in that exact moment took a lot of weight off my shoulders.
               This was a stressful beginning but it was totally worth it; the junior class came out with the  first place float! And even better memories! Now, onto the next chapter of the year...

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