Thursday, January 12, 2017

Future Upcoming Quarter

Reflecting on Quarter 2, I would simply say it's been chill. Not too much was going on aside from doing work within our committees, but events like rallies or dances weren't something to stress so much about this quarter.

When speaking of the future and all that may happen next quarter, I see the leadership becoming more productive and busy with more events to prepare for. Also, for the junior class in particular, I think that we'll start selling food more and working as a group more often, compared to this quarter. A goal for the future would have to be to get my life together......Wait this isn't my journal; a goal for the future, when speaking of the leadership class, is to have well organized and more exciting rallies. Just well organized and more exciting things for all events actually, not solely rallies.

Although we will be more busy for Quarter 3, I believe that we will still be composed and everything will work out in the end. The future after Quarter 3 is something to be prepared for as well with the many events coming along with it, but if we start off the next quarter with a solid foundation, things will run smoothly when the time will come.

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