Tuesday, June 7, 2016

ASB Reflection

De Anza's 2015-2016 school year's end is just around the corner as ASB students begin to relinquish their pain and fantasize about thrilling summer plans. But before we're set free, lets take some time to recollect some of ASB's fortes and shortcomings this hectic year.

Lets commence with the good news first. ASB has flourished in terms of stability this year. All ASB officers and independents were sure to complete whatever tasks and goals were set out for them. In addition, most members went out of their own way to help other classes with their respective goals. We will admit, however, that there were a few hold backs on certain occasions — but ASB managed to surge through each problem as if it were another one of Hillyer's DBQ's.

Now for the bad news. Fundraising for ASB this year ultimately remained scarce, occurring maybe once or twice. Due to our lack of fundraising, some funds remained low and quality had to be sacrificed. Therefore, for next year, ASB will put an emphasis on the importance of fundraising and it's compelling benefits to help take advantage of more fundraising opportunities. Also, ASB hopes to raise funds through overall leadership class collaboration. What this essentially means is that instead of fundraising each time as separate classes, (Freshmen, Seniors, ASB, etc..) the WHOLE class forms a single group, all aspiring to raise money for the leadership class in general, and not each individual class. By doing so, ASB hypothesizes that the strategic collaboration can lead to more leadership profit — which will of course than be used for administering more school wide events.

Think Smart.

Last but not least, growth. Every single setback ASB endured served us as invigoration to do even better. Even though giving up seemed to be the only viable solution on certain occasions, our ambitious personalities and hard headed leaders guided us to triumph, one step at a time.

Our weaknesses were realized and our strengths were fortified, but we learned one thing in the end — there is no end.

Thank you.

Mark, as ASB president, reminisces on this year and all of its ASB glory.  

Monday, June 6, 2016

Final Junior Class Reflection

As we transition into our senior year, our class can look back at all the accomplishments we have had in this past year and can find the items we can improve on. In this past 2015-2016 school year, our class managed to do more fundraising than other year in the past. We sold at almost all the First Fridays, but coming into our senior year we plan to fund raise at every opportunity possible to make as much money to make our senior events the best they can be.
Along with all the successful events our class has taken part in this year, our biggest accomplishment has to be getting first place in Homecoming Float this year. Our float this year was themed after "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and looked outstanding. Many juniors put it countless hours to make this accomplishment possible taking out time from their busy schedules, and not to mention all the parents, especially the Bordas family, for helping out as well. Winning float again is one of our main goals coming into our senior year and we hope to go past the bar we set this past year.

Our class as juniors had many athletic accomplishments this past year as well as being academic scholars in the classroom. This goes for both boys and girls sports from cross-country receiving a banner for highest GPA in NCS, the Girls Volleyball Team for reaching the TCAL final, the Football Team making it to the round of 16 in NCS, the Boys Basketball Team for reaching the round of 16 in NCS, the Boys Volleyball Team for reaching the TCAL Stone Final and the round of 16 in NCS, the Softball Team for reaching the round of 16 in NCS, the Baseball Team for winning the TCAL Stone League and reaching the NCS quarterfinals, and finally the Boys Soccer Team for winning the TCAL Stone League, TCAL Stone Playoffs, and winning the NCS title. Every sport this year improved and the future is looking bright for the Class of 2017 and for De Anza.

First Year in Leadership

     Our school year this year has been pretty successful. There was a lot of challenges that we've had like float was a bit difficult for our class because we weren't experience but the upperclassmen helped us with float and it got a little easy. This upcoming school year we are going to be more experienced with float and know what we are doing. The other thing that was a challenge was many freshmen didn't participate that much in spirit weeks , this upcoming school year I think they are going to be used to the school activity and participate more. The two things that was easy for our class was doing fundraising , we did a really good job making money for our class and I think we would do a better job next year too. The other thing that was pretty easy and fun was setting up for the rally . The rally was really fun setting because our leadership class came together and set up for the rally together. Next year we are going to be more stalled and participate more.
                                                                                            - Alishba Sardar

2015-2016 Reflection


              Overall the sophomore class, upcoming juniors, are extremely proud of what we have accomplished this 2015-2016 school year. From spending countless hours on our hard-earned float to our blood, sweat, and tears while setting up prom, we have persevered and finished the year strong. However, despite all of our triumphs, there are definitely several areas in which improvements could be made. These include communicating with one another better, getting to know each other on a personal level to be a more cohesive team, and being open to other's opinions and ideas. All of these aspects will help to refine our already well-rounded team. We all look forward to implementing these things in creating the best junior year possible!

Review and Reflection

Another year has come and gone and while each time it's different, it's important to sit back and reflect on what was accomplished. For this final blog entry please discuss, from your classes point of view, what it was like to go through Leadership? What were the challenges? What came off as easy? Did you experience any growth here at De Anza in the last year? Please include a picture that you feel best represents this year to you. Go Dons. Due: June 7th, 2016.