Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Second Phase

          The first quarter of leadership was really fun. We had many exciting events that came up that was very successful. I loved helping with the dances and spirit days. I felt so much joy that we were making students happy with our events. Everything we planned in quarter one was it hit and we were really happy about that.
          As quarter two started, teachers started giving more and more work and classes started getting hectic. Throughout my freshman and sophomore year upperclassmen always told me that junior year was the hardest. I have mostly AP and honors class so as a junior I can personally say that that is not true. Junior year is not "hard" is it just a lot of work. I have had a 4.2 all year  and that is due to being present to school for the most part and trying your best no matter how difficult your classes are. Leadership didn't have much events in quarter 2 so we took the time to plan things early while making sure we have all of our grades together.
           Quarter 2 with leadership has been fun as always. We have many things in store for the rest of the school year. One goal that I have for leadership is that we keep building and getting better as a team. I hope we continue to make students happy and meet their wants and needs.

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