Thursday, January 5, 2017

second year.

    This year has been great. Begin my second year in leadership is way better than my first year. my class has been doing great, we have been a lot organize with planning and we also have been doing a lot of fundraising. Even though my class has been doing great I still have some goals for my class. A lot of sophomores are not involved in De anza actives my goal for my class is to get involved. My other goals for next year are to get know everyone in our leadership class.
   Our leadership class this year has been really organize with planning. Every time we have a class discussion everyone is involved and is really positive about someone's idea. My goal for our leadership class is to stay organize. One goal that I really want my sophomore class to accomplish next year is to win a spirit week or participate more in spirit weeks.
  I have high hope for my leadership class s the years progress. I am certain that my class and I will continue to grow and succeed and manage to make this year great.

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