Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Just Wanna Graduate Already..

College Apps can either make or break your senior year. DON'T PROCRASTINATE!

It's really something that a lot of students really under estimate when they go into their senior year. Looking back, I honestly regret some of the course and extra curricular decisions I decided to make because all of that really just overloaded me and had me spread out to thin, almost to the point where I was doing everything at the very last minute. For you upcoming seniors- keep in mind that college apps are more than what people underestimate them to be! Organize your course load wisely and be smart about what extra curricular things you wanna do or continue during your senior year. If you're the over achieving, time managing, scholar that you are, feel free to go for the stars! Otherwise, be mindful of the classes and activities you choose.

Out of all the college application processes that I went through, I'd say that the service academy application was the most stressful and is the most stressful of all college applications. It's a butt ton of running around (literally and figuratively) and getting things done. Not only will the academies assess your academic perspective but they also seek to assess your leadership and personal profile. I had to go through a whole lot of interviews that focused on parts of my character and my leadership experiences. The Air Force Academy also took a look at my medical qualifications as I had to undergo the DoDMERB (Department of Defense Medical Review Board) physical where they had me do a number of weird exercises to see if I had any issues physically. Aside from that, I was also required to send an unbelievable amount of paperwork that made myself more transparent to the admissions board (shout out out to all the teachers who did my student evals). And aside from all the things the Air Force Academy needed, I also had to apply for my congressional nomination as well. In order to even be eligible for an appointment to a service academy, each candidate must have a nomination from a congressman or senator, or if qualified, the president and vice president of the United States. In a sense, I basically had to do two applications, one to the Air Force Academy itself and to the office of Mark DeSaulnier to request a nomination. The nomination process itself was fairly easy; all that they required were SAT scores, an essay, three letters of rec, academic transcript, and a resume of extracurricular activities. The final thing I had to do was my interview with DeSaulnier's office, and finally, thank God, it's all over! So if anyone of y'all are dedicating yourselves to applying to a service academy, brace yourselves for a load of "fun" for the academy admissions process!

Looking back, please (to you upcoming seniors) start thinking about your personal statements already and start to reflect on the activities that have built you up to the wonderful student you are now! I'd suggest maybe build a resume with a whole list of the things you've done and you're accomplishments in whatever you've devoted yourself in. Colleges ask for these things and a resume makes things soooooooo much bearable. 

Good luck next year class of 2018! You'll need it..

With all the juggling I had to do this year, and all the sleepless nights, a high school diploma sounds really delicious right now.. 

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