Thursday, January 12, 2017

blog #2

As we move into the new year I just mostly want us juniors to enjoy our penultimate year in high school. Some goals I would like for us to reach is to become closer as a junior family. So when our senior year approaches it'll be nothing but memories with people who are like family to us. I would like us to do more activities with our junior peers so everyone can feel as one.

Another goal I would like for our junior class is to fund-raise like  crazy. Reason why is so when our senior year comes we won't have any money problems when it comes to activities that we would like to do to make our senior year the best. Also  we should  plan for our activities earlier in advanceso we won't give false hopes for any activities.

My goals for us is to just prepare for  future things and be together as one and to make the best memories that we can through high school!

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