Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Future goals

                      Having one year in leadership has caused me to gain many goals for myself ,and my class. One of the goals I have for my class would be for everyone to be more comfortable during rallies, so we have a chance of winning some! Leadership is known for dealing with homecoming and float, who wouldn't be after pouring so much time and dedication into the two. With such dedication the result is always grand! Float causes each class to gain new memories ,and laughs. Plus the final product is usually a beauty. Joining leadership will always come with a ton of responsibility, and eventually you come to love the responsibility you own.

                     Another goals for all my fellow sophomores in leadership, is for us all to become pros at fundraising. It is a dream for us to have a lot of money so we can have unlimited opportunities when we're seniors. Dreams such as: a beautiful prom venue, nice rally supplies, a successful Grad night, etc. Plus, when becoming an expert at fundraising a lot of more leadership things become easier. Also, for us to become liked for selling good food whenever first Fridays happening.

                        For the rest of this year, I hope everybody at De Anza gets to accomplish their own goals, no matter how big or small they are. Also to enjoy the new year, make good memories, and over all have lots fun.

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